Opera House Casino

$5 chip from the Opera House Casino, North Las Vegas.
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$5 Thanksgiving 1996. Chipco. $5 Xmas 1996. Chipco.
St Patrick's Day 1996. front St. Patrick's Day 1996. back.
Happy Easter 1996
Mothers Day. 1997. LTD 1200. Chipco. front Mothers Day. 1997. LTD 1200. Chipco. back
Thanksgiving 1998. Front. Chipco. Thanksgiving. back. Chipco.
Christmas 1998. front. Chipco New Years 1999. back. Chipco
Halloween 1999. back Halloween 1999. front
4th of July, 2000. front. Chipco. 4th of July, 2000. back. Chipco

Nevada scans