1985 Monte Carlo SS
Final disposition

      The last time I drove my SS was a cold January day. I hadn't used the car for a week. Despite some recent snow, the streets were clear, so I decided to use the car. I had to dig the snow away from the garage door to get the car out. I did that, picked up my future wife and went back to my place. I would usually park in front of my building, where I can check on the car from time to time. Because of the snow, I had to park down the block. I couldn't see the car from my window. I had a collar lock for the steering wheel and siren alarm. I made sure both were on after I parked it.
    Later that night, it was time to take my girl home. We walked outside to get the car and I saw that it was gone. My first thought was that it's in a chop shop. We never heard an alarm go off, nor was there any broken glass where the car was parked. There was snow on the street where I parked the car. I could see the tire tracks from my car but not any other type tracks, so I knew the car wasn't towed away. Apparently a thief knew what they were doing and managed to steal the car.
    I had another car and after I drove my girl home. I went to the local Police precinct to report the car stolen. There were two cops there, asking me various questions. I clearly remember the look that they gave each other when they asked me when was the last time I saw the car. That was a good 5 hours earlier and when I told them that, they just gave each other a look that said "that car is history".
    I knew the car was gone for good, but I still drove around some neighborhoods hoping to see it. I found nothing.
    It was a couple of months before I heard anything about the car. The police busted a chop shop in Brooklyn. In it they found what was left of my car. The trunk lid, the two front seats and the transmission. I was told that I could pick up the parts at the pound in Whitestone. I did and I went over to the junkyards by Shea Stadium. I wanted to sell what was left, but none of the dealers would buy it. I eventually stored the remaining parts in my garage.
    The police also arrested a couple of guys in connection with the chop shop. I had to go to Brooklyn to fill out a deposition regarding the case against them. I remember that I wanted to punch the face of the woman taking the information from me about the car. I told her everything that happened and I mentioned about what was left of the car. She found that quite amusing. I did not.
    After that day I never heard anything more about the case against the two thieves again. I'm sure they got off with a slap on the wrist.

Lasting memories

I'll get to this soon. 7/10/2002