Dave's Super 6 - 8 system

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    New shooter, await the come out and the point to be established, then wait for 1 more place point to be rolled which equates to two place numbers rolled by the new shooter. Then bet $24 on each the 6 and 8.
    Then after only one hit on either, reduce your bet to $12 each on the 6 and 8 and keep the same $12 bet until the end of that shooter's roll. No pressing.
    To be safe you need 20 times your combined bet($48), which is about $1000 per session. Have not even come close to losing yet in over 100 hours of playing. You should win consistently and never seem to get in too deep a hole as in most systems.

    Remember on the new shooter to wait until one more place number to be rolled after the point is established to avoid the many terrible early 7 shooters and give yourself the best chance of winning. 

    After you make the first hit-win on the shooter you will win $28 on your initial $24 bet on the 6 or 8, this will make sure you win on that shooter's roll.
    Second point:  By keeping your bet up at the reduced $12 on each of the 6-8 after the initial win on that shooter you can take advantage of the 6-8 shooters that roll many of these winning clumps. 

    Let me know your results at my email address: davidmcclung@webtv.net.

    It's been easy wins thus far and would be interested if you do likewise.

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