Risky Crap Systems

The following are systems and methods of play that I've come across or have seen in use. *
In this case "risky" means a moderate level of risk. There is no sure bet in gambling.
All of my comments and ratings are just my personnel opinion.
If you'd like to add or comment on any of them, please e-mail me at starchip@live.com
You can also post any ideas, thoughts, questions, etc. to my message board.

1. 3 and out
The point here is to win on any number thrown before a 7.
     You make a $10 bet on the 5, $12 on the 6, $12 on the 8 and $5 in the field. Now you have every number covered except the 7.
     What you want now is for three numbers to come up before a 7. You should take your bets down after three hits because most shooters will 7 out by the 4th roll.
     For a $39 outlay you can win between $15 and $30 if the 7 doesn't show.
     Downside is an early 7.
     This method is good a choppy table.

2. 2 and out
     The strategy here is to buy the 4 and 10, place the 5,6,8 and 9. You stay on for 2 hits and then tell the dealer to take you down.
     The tough thing about this method is when you take your bets down and the shooter keeps rolling number after number. It happens. Shrug your shoulders and wait for the next point / shooter.
     An early 7 is a bankroll killer.
     This method is good a choppy table.

3. All line
     You make a place bet on all of the place numbers ( 4,5,6,8,9,10 ), for $32 action. You take them down after one hit.
     Downside side is a 7 on the first roll.
     This is good for starting play at a table or on a choppy, cold table.
     A variation is to place all of the above numbers before the come out and make a $40 pass line bet and a $3 3 way craps bet. Make sure your place bets are working on the come out. A 7 on the come out will win you $5. An 11 will win you $37. A 2 or 12 will  be a loss of $10 and 3 will be a loss of $25. A place number will win appropriate odds minus $3 3 way.
     A bit complicated for a low return.
     Good for perhaps a hedge play.

4. Simple Ponzer
Bet 3 units on the pass line. Take full odds when a point is established.
     Bet 3 units on the come and take odds.
     Bet another 3 units on the come and take odds. We now have three bets working.
     If a pass line or a come point is made, we make a 5 unit bet on the next roll, and take odds.
     We increase our bets on both the come and pass as long as we are winning as follows: 3,4,7,9,12 and so on adding three units from here on up.
     You need a lot of numbers to be thrown to make money before the seven shows up.
     Good for a hot table.

Crap Systems

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