Pass plus 3 come bets

New shooter: Bet the pass with odds from the beginning. Wait for 3 place numbers to be rolled after the initial point is established. Then start betting the come with odds and stay on the come bets with odds until the end of the roll. No pressing or regression. Even when you have all the numbers covered, which does happen several times during a typical session, keep making your come bets on that shooter's roll until the end of the roll.

 For $5 base and single odds, need $700 session bankroll. Recommend 65 to 70 times your combined single bet (base plus odds bet
combined) session bankroll to give you the best chance of winning per session.

Has been profitable for 62 sessions now, with overall win rate( after losses are factored in) of $86 per session betting mostly double odds with $5 base bet. By waiting the 3 place points to be rolled before starting the come bets, you are reducing your losses on the many early 7 out shooters, and by staying on the come once you start you do get maximum profits out of a good roll. And that is why I believe it has been successful for 62 sessions, along with the fact that you are making the best bets on the table (lowest house advantage) which are the pass-odds and come-odds bets.