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Mix of both methods
Which system do you think is best?

4/2 Doey-Don't
Come out hedge
$22 split
Mike's Hedge
One roll vulnerability method
Place/Lay bet hedge
Triangle method
Heaven help me Hit & run
Do and Dont progression
Dont/Place bet
Pass-Don't Pass
Crappy Hedge
One roll vulnerability method by buying
Hundred Dollar Ho down mix
Do and Don't chase
Do and Don't DC
Basic Dont method revised
$22 inside and DC
Follow the trend 2
Mix of both methods with field
$22 inside regression/don't
44 inside, no 4 and 10
Boozer's delight
Crap quickies
Do and don't
Do and don't for 10X odds tables
Event grind
Flat bet count
Inside hedge

Current Results
Mixed Craps systems
Which do you think is the best method?

Lay with don't pass bets
Place bet regressive hedge
System 31
Cat & Mouse
Don't / 5 Count
Milt's method
Cozac's Hedge
5 Count Variation
Team Work
Todd's Mix
Cancellation Twist