The BDALT Craps Playing System

Chapter 1 of 4
     I've developed a craps playing System that has been giving me good overall results. I'd like to share that System. I call it the Bdalt System (pron. bee-dalt). This posting to the RGC newsgroup includes each of the System's 4 chapters.
    The Bdalt System has been doing well for me since its latest refinement earlier this year. After a number of wins and few losses, I started keeping written track of each session's results starting June 13th. Since then I've played 31 times. 26 of those were winning sessions and 5 were losers. My net winnings for the 31 sessions is $9,279. I'm including a table in chapter 4 which shows the results of each of those sessions. Be sure to thoroughly read all 4 chapters before attempting to use the Bdalt System.
    First, some background. AS I developed the System, I wanted it to meet the following 10 conditions:
    1. It needed to be played with low house advantage (1/3 of 1 percent or less). I didn't want a system that if played many times and for many hours would grind me down as a result of its high casino advantage.
    2. It should produce positive results on not only a "hot" table, but a "choppy" one as well.
    3. Knowing that on average only 16% of all shooting sequences last for 10 dice rolls (before a 7 is thrown) the system needed to be designed to work with short shooting sequences.
    4. Keeping in mind that on average 1% of all shooting sequences can last for 25 rolls before a seven, the system also needed to take advantage of the occasional "hot" or long roll to produce better winning results. 
    5. As a winning system, I'd like to play it modestly, without large sums of money, in such a way so as not to draw casino management's attention. Since I live within a short distance from several casinos in the Mississippi gulf coast area, I want to be able to repeat my play indefinitely.
    6. The play, however, would be large enough so as to qualify for casino meals, entertainment and hotel lodging comps.
    7. I also wanted it to be profitable enough to take care of variable personal expenses of the out-of-pocket type. That is, it should provide enough winning income to cover my spending for recreation, meals, vehicle gas, and other miscellaneous expenses. I felt a goal would be about $300 - $400 a winning session.
    8. It should be fun and provide a win on average for 5 out of every 6 sessions.
    9. It should be simple to use. If I had a drink at the table or was talking to a dealer or another player, I didn't want to be using a system that would be confusing or difficult to keep up with. 
    10. The System would include Money Management whereby losses are kept to a minimum. It could only allow a session maximum loss of no more than approximately 10 times the total amount of my bets - at any one time - on the layout. It is very important that a loss isn't too large, because I want it covered by no more than the next 3 winning sessions. 
    So, about 14 years ago, just before any casinos were built in the Biloxi/Gulfport area, I funded a "gaming envelope" with $10,000. I hadn't fully thought through my system, but wanted to get started. I promised myself that if I ever went through the envelope, that would be the end of my casino gambling. I went to Las Vegas and stayed on the strip at the Frontier for 4 days. They had 10 times odds at the time. I knew if I took full odds the casino edge would be less than 1/5 of 1%. I played a $5 line bet with $50 odds and two $5 come bets with $50 odds on each. After 4 days of play, the casino comped my suite and meals. I left with $3,500 of their money. I thought the line bet plus 2 come bets and taking 10 times odds was the ticket. My next trip, a couple months later, resulted in a $2,400 win. I now had well over the initial $10,000 start up in my "envelope." I had plenty of cash to cover out-of-pocket expenses for a while. I was glad I had found the secret for gambling success. It wasn't long after, casinos started to open up near my home in the Gulfport/Biloxi area. Soon I came to find out that I had indeed been lucky on those 2 Las Vegas trips. I was no longer winning more than I was losing. Overall in most years, I would lose more than I would win. So, I experimented with variations to the system. And I'd play at a casino about twice a week. Although, recently I've been playing more often than that since my refined System is working well. This past year, before my System development was completed, my gambling "envelope" reached a low of $3,500. Now it is true that not all of the envelope loss came from gaming losses. I also used the envelope to provide for some out-of-pocket expenses which I refer to as variable expenses in item #7 earlier in this chapter.

    Chapter 2 of 4 
    I won't bore you with the different systems and their variations that I tried before getting to where I am now, but suffice it to say, my gambling "envelope" today has more than $13,000 in it, even though I recently gave a friend who needed some help $3,000 out of it and it also provides the additional income I enumerated in #7 of Chapter 1 - and the meals and entertainment for my guests and myself are comped at every casino I play at. In fact, on a trip to the Pacific northwest recently, I spent 9 of 11 days in casinos in Laughlin, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. All the meals, entertainment and lodging expenses at every casino was comped. The results of each of that trip's 21 Nevada craps playing sessions are detailed on the table in Chapter 4.
    Over the years I've developed some superstitions. I guess many craps players have superstitions and I'm no exception. My System works well on hot tables and even works on choppy tables. It doesn't work on cold tables, though. So, if I'm down half my loss limit, I may leave the table and take a break, coming back later or try one of the other tables. Yep, I know the dice have no memory. But whether it is a downtrend in the stock market or a cold table, I hate fighting a trend. As has been said before, "the trend is your friend." Then don't fight it. 
    Before I explain the strategy of the System, lets talk a little about Money Management, which is a an important part - no, it is a critical part - of the Bdalt System. The conditions upon which I leave the table:
    Leaving a winner:
    1. If I'm lucky and the table is hot and I'm up several hundred dollars or more, I'll take my winnings and call it a day as soon as I run into a shooter that has a roll that costs me more money than I won from his roll.
    2. If the table is choppy, I'll leave when I'm up 15% over my buy in. Sometimes, it takes some time for this to happen and the wait is often frustrating. I guess I should just be happy I'm quitting ahead, but so often getting there is a struggle and there is always the risk of losing.
    Leaving a loser:
    1. If during a session the table is cold and I get down close to my loss limit, I'll leave if I can recoup most or all of my losses. In this scenario, if I've recouped more than 75% of my losses, I'll leave when a shooter has a roll that costs me more than I won from his roll. Yes, it is a losing session, but I've recouped most of my loss and hopefully the next time will be better.
    2. I'll leave if I've lost 1/2 of my buy in. That amount would also be equal to approximately 10 times the maximum amount of money I would have on the layout at any one time.
    In chapter 3 I'll detail the mechanics of the Bdalt System.

Chapter 3 of 4 
    Playing the BDALT SYSTEM:
    1. To keep the casino advantage (house edge) as low as possible, I prefer to play at casinos that offer 10 times odds on their craps tables. Most of the casinos in the Mississippi gulf coast area have 10 times odds.
    2. I usually buy in for $2,000. My loss limit is 1/2 of my buy in (usually $1,000). If I'm only willing to lose a maximum of $1,000, why buy in for $2,000? There are 2 reasons: First, for me there is the psychological reason. If I'm down $700 or so and had only bought in for $1,000, the few black and green chips I had left in my rack would appear naked and puny to me. And the overall losing feelings I had would become even worse. Even though I'm getting close to the point of quitting, I don't want to have the losing feeling that one gets when playing with very few chips. That may not make sense to some, but I like to always have a decent amount of chips in my rack. The second reason is the effect $2,000 buy ins have on comp ratings. 
    3. The Bdalt System calls for 1 line bet (usually $5) with 10 times odds. It is followed up on the next roll with the same denomination come bet. Only one come bet is played at this point.
    4. If either of those 2 numbers are hit, I reduce the odds on the remaining number by 1/2. In this example, the odds would be brought down to $25 ($30 if a five or nine is the remaining number). What are the odds that I'll make one of the initial 2 numbers? If the 2 numbers are 4 and 10, I have 6 chances out of 36 of catching one of them. If the numbers are 5 or 9, I have 8 chances out of 36 of catching one of them. And if they are 6 or 8, I have 10 chances out of 36 of catching one of them. The chances of a 7 are 6 out of 36. So probability has it that most of the time I'll catch one of the 2 numbers before a 7 comes up. 
    5. After a win on one of the two numbers, I'll progress to a line bet and two come bets - and I'll regress to only 5 times odds on all bets. The reason the odds have been reduced from 10 times to 5 times is because I want my winnings on the earlier winning number to fund most of the money I have at risk on the table. Many times, after I've had my first number win from the shooter, he will seven out before I'm able to make the follow-up come bet. If this happens, I'm ahead and working on the casino's money. If initially the number that he hit (repeated) for me was a 4 or 10, I would have been paid a total of $105. If the number was a 5 or 9, my pay back would be $80. I would receive $65 if the number was 6 or 8. After winning on that first number, my money at risk on the table (if the roll has lasted long enough to establish the 3 bets) would amount to $90 for one $5 line bet with $25 odds and two $5 come bets with $25 odds on each (unless a number was a 5 or 9 where we would have $30 odds). So, my win on the very 1st number hit goes a long way to funding those 3 follow-up bets. If I hit any of these 3 numbers I'm ahead. And of course, if more numbers are repeated, it's even better.
    What do I see as the advantages of the Bdalt System?
    1. The win from the first number hit either completely covers my future bets for that shooter or goes a long way to doing so.
    2. After that win the Bdalt System calls for another come bet, giving a total of one line bet and two come bets. It will remain this way until the shooter sevens out. By adding that second come bet, I'll have half the board numbers covered which will give me greater participation in any hot roll.
    3. For me, the money management aspect of the System has kept net wins greater than net losses. In other words, it has kept my wins plentiful and my losses limited. Please refer to the end of Chapter 2 for more information on Money Management for the Bdalt System.
    4. The Bdalt System satisfies the 10 requirements listed at the beginning of Chapter 1. 
    Chapter 4 will include a table of the results I've had for each of the last 31 craps playing sessions using the Bdalt System. In addition to the 4 "advantages" listed above, chapter 4 will give a further explanation as to why I feel the Bdalt System has been working as well as it has for me.

Chapter 4 of 4
    Does the Bdalt System win all the time? No! Since June 13th, when I started keeping accurate track of the results, it appears to produce a losing session for me about once out of every six. The table shown below lists the results of the last 31 craps playing sessions over a 27 day period (from June 13th to July 10th - the last date I played). I had 26 winning sessions and 5 losing ones, giving me a net win of $9,279. Included in the table are the results of my stays at casinos in Nevada - starting June 30th. As I'm entering this, the table below looks fine. I hope it doesn't appear too scrambled or messed up when you are viewing it.
    Gambling/craps + wins or - losses
> Location date & time results
> CM, BSL 6/13 11:45 AM +$ 82
> CM, BSL 6/13 5:30 PM + 171
> CM, BSL 6/13 11:55 PM + 472
> GD, GPT 6/14 3:15 PM + 581
> CM, BSL 6/15 1:00 PM + 30
> CM, BSL 6/15 4:00 PM + 315
> CM, BSL 6/16 5:45 PM + 175
> CM, BSL 6/16 10:30 PM - 990
> GC, GPT 6/23 10:30 PM + 949
> HA, VKS 6/27 7:00 PM + 215
> RE, LAU 6/30 6:30 PM + 504
> RE, LAU 6/30 8:30 PM + 830
> RE, LAU 7/01 6:00 PM + 131
> RE, LAU 7/01 8:45 PM + 713
> RE, LAU 7/02 10:30 AM + 211
> RE, LAU 7/03 4:20 AM -1,500
> RE, LAU 7/03 6:00 PM -1,000
> RE, LAU 7/03 7:30 PM + 631
> RE, LAU 7/03 10:30 PM + 800
> ST, LV 7/04 2'15" 5:30 P - 395
> ST, LV 7/04 1'45" 10:00 P + 721
> ST, LV 7/05 2'30" 1:20 P + 526
> RO, LV 7/05 2'45" 6:30 P - 368
> ST, LV 7/05 3'15" 12:15 A + 387
> ST, LV 7/06 0'35" 2:00 P + 621
> ST, LV 7/06 2'15" 10:15 P + 915
> ST, LV 7/07 0'25" 12:30 P + 666
> EL, RN 7/09 0'45" 7:30 P + 789
> EL, RN 7/09 0'25" 9:00 P + 317 
> EL, RN 7/10 1'15" 1:15 P + 990
> EL, RN 7/10 2'15" 7:40 P + 790
> TOTAL = $9,279
> 26 Wins = $13,532; Avg Win = $520.46
> 5 Losses = $4,253; Avg Loss = $850.60
> 31 Session Avg ($9,279 / 31) = $299.32 

    1. The first session on July 3rd was a $1,500 loss. I have written I keep my losses to a limit maximum of $1,000 (« of my $2,000 buy in - or approximately 10 times the maximum amount of money I would have on the layout at any one time). I goofed and got off my System a little and let the loss get larger than it should have. 'Twas an error in judgment. I was staying at the Ramada Express in Laughlin, NV and they only offer 5X odds. I had altered my play somewhat and it wasn't working. It was 4:20 in the morning when I quit, after having fought a losing trend for too long - something I shouldn't have done. If I would have had the discipline to quit after being down $1,000, my loss for that weekend would have been $500 less. And I could have had more sleep. I'd even have $500 more in my envelope than I have now. I promised myself I'd stay with the System's Strategy and Money Management in the future. I can tell you, the back-to-back (second session) loss of $1,000 later that same day had me truly baffled. I hadn't reached the point that I was questioning the validity of the Bdalt System, because I have had plenty of previous wins earlier in the year to more than outweigh those losses. I was frustrated, though. The following wins were much more fun. In spite of the losses, I was still able to leave the Ramada Express a net winner.
    2. July 4th, I started keeping track of my playing time at the table.  2'15" = 2 hours and 15 minutes. The time shown to the right of the playing time was the sessions quitting time.
    3. Haven't played craps since July 10th. I'm still in the Northwest (Bellingham, WA) and I'm not aware of any casinos nearby with 10X odds. Won't be returning to the Biloxi/Gulfport area till around mid Sept. 
    Thanks to the Bdalt System I have plenty of money to cover out-of-pocket expenses while here.
    The Bdalt System is yours to use for free. All I ask is that you refer in the future to it as the "Bdalt System." If you use the Bdalt System and don't make money from it, please go back and study each of the 4 chapters to make sure you are not varying from the System's play strategy or its Money Management guidelines.
    Naturally, I don't guarantee, warranty, or imply that you will win from the Bdalt System.
    The reason I feel the Bdalt System works as well for me as it does, is that I try to adhere to the following 2 Money Management parts of it:
    1. Which means I'm willing to quit a winner with relatively small profits. As you'll notice from the table of 31 sessions, the largest win was $990. That is less than half of my $2,000 buy in.
    2. The second reason I believe the Bdalt System works for me is that I don't let my losing sessions become too large. Remember, it won't pay to have a lot of small wins if they are going to be more than offset by one or two large losses. I truly believe that for me these Money Management aspects of the Bdalt System have been extremely important to its success. This Money Management part of the System is discussed in more detail near the end of chapter 2. 
    If you use the Bdalt System, I encourage you to keep a written record of each of your wins and losses. I also encourage you to follow the System (the Mechanics & Money Management) exactly as I've laid out in these 4 chapters. If you do, after you have had 10 sessions or more, let the RGC newsgroup know how the Bdalt System has worked for you. May you have the same or better results than I am having.
    It would also be great if someone has a craps simulator like Win Craps and can program it with Bdalt System's betting mechanics and money management and then publish the simulation results to RGC. I have Win Craps, but haven't taken the time to learn how to program it.
    I've thought of a few questions you might have, such as:
> The Bdalt System has been making you money. Why are you giving it away?
> Since it has been working for me, I'd like others to benefit from it. There is no other reason.
> In chapter 1, you indicated in System goal #7 that your winning session goal would be about "$300 - $400 a winning session." Yet, the 26 winning sessions you detailed above produced an average win of $520. Do you expect the Bdalt System will produce $500 average winning sessions in the future?
> I don't know. I may have been "luckier" than I'll be in the future. Much longer term tracking will give me a better idea. In any event, I still would find winning sessions satisfactory that produce $300 - $400 average winning results.
> Do you ever make any other bets such as Hardways, Craps/Eleven, Field, etc?
> No. The Bdalt System calls for no other bets than those detailed in Chapter 3. However, I do toke the dealers and the net wins listed are after toking expenses and any other tips at the table.
> If the Bdalt System catches on, too many people could be using it. The casinos might have to reduce the free odds they offer. If the odds are reduced, doesn't that affect the System?
> Yes it does, but I don't think there will be a mass switch of players to the Bdalt System. Too many of them are place betters and/or have their own methods of play. Most of them won't be switching - at least not in the near term. Also, for the occasional player, the System may be too conservative. Many might want more action for their money and won't be switching. In my opinion, this System seems to work best for the conservative frequent player. That is the player that should be using a System that has the least amount of house advantage (less than 1/3 of 1%) working against him.
> By you publicly listing your wins in a chart, aren't you afraid the IRS and your home State could claim their share of taxes on your winnings?
> That is precisely why I started keeping an accurate log. Once I found the Bdalt System was regularly producing overall winning results for me, I felt I needed to keep a written record so I could pay any taxes due.  I have no problem with that.

This brings to a close my writings on the Bdalt System.
Good Luck to all, Bdalt

The BDALT Craps Playing System

         Addendum A

As I write this (September 13, 2000) I've had 69 consecutive recorded sessions using the Bdalt Craps Playing System.  I started keeping track of each session's winning or loss results on June 13th - exactly 3 months ago. Each of the first 31 sessions from June 13th to July 10th are detailed in chapter 4 of the Bdalt Craps Playing System. The next time I played craps was August 4th.  Following are the results of the 38 craps playing sessions from August 4th through the last timed I played craps on September 12, 2000 (yesterday).

Location     Date   Play Time    Quit    $ results
SV,  WA      8/04     0' 20"     7:20P      -    253
NS,  WA      8/06     0' 55"     5:45P      +    322
NS,  WA      8/09     2' 15"    10:45P      -  1,800
SV,  WA      8/10     0' 20"     7:20P      -  1,245
VR,  MSQ     8/27     2' 45"    11:30P      +    452
RM,  MSQ     8/28     0' 35"     2:40P      +    126
VR,  MSQ     8/28     3' 45"     9:25P      +    469
CB,  MSQ     8/29     1' 15"     2:20P      +    721
HA,  LV      8/29     2' 20"     7:10P      -    610
RC,  LV      8/29     2' 40"    12:10A      +    834
OC   LV      8/30     2' 10"    11:55A      -    350
HA,  LV      8/30     1' 45"     3:10P      +    885
RC,  LV      8/30     3' 45"     7:40P      +    250
RE,  LAU     8/31     1' 50"     5:30P      +    222
RE,  LAU     8/31     2' 55"     9:40P      +    325
RE,  LAU     9/01     0' 50"     8:00A      +    369
RE,  LAU     9/01     1' 15"    12:15P      +    316
RE,  LAU     9/01     0' 45"     5:05P      +    291
RE,  LAU     9/01     0' 55"     7:30P      +    531
RE,  LAU     9/02     4' 05"     3:05P      -    295
RE,  LAU     9/02     0' 40"     7:30P      +    754
RE,  LAU     9/02     1' 05"    11:40P      +    321
RE,  LAU     9/03     3' 05"     3:30P      -    233
RE,  LAU     9/03     3' 15"     7:40P      -    788
RE,  LAU     9/03     2' 25"     2:15A      +    521
RE,  LAU     9/04     4' 05"     5:05P      +    624
RE,  LAU     9/05     1' 10"    12:45A      +    410
RE,  LAU     9/05     1' 30"     4:40P      -    286
RE,  LAU     9/05     0' 35"     6:45P      +    683
RE,  LAU     9/06     4' 05"     2:10A      -  2,666
LS,  AZ      9/07     0' 15"    12:30P      +    125
HA,  VKS     9/09     3' 15"     4:00P      +  1,598
HA,  VKS     9/10     5' 35"     2:05A      +    324
HA,  VKS     9/10     0' 45"     3:00P      -  1,836
HA,  VKS     9/10     4' 15"     9:00P      +    264
HA,  VKS     9/11     1' 10"    11:35P      +    471
HA,  VKS     9/11     1' 45"     2:30P      +    715
CM,  BSL     9/12     0' 45"     3:30P      +    800
                             Total Win   =  + $3,361
Earlier Sessions (June 13th to July 10) detailed in Chapter 4
26 Wins    =  $13,532;  Avg. Win   =   $520.46
 5  Losses =   $4,253;  Avg. Loss  =   $850.60
Losing Sessions = 16%;  Winning Sessions = 84% 
31 Session Avg. ($9,279 / 31)  =   $299.32 Win

Latest Sessions (August 4th to September 12th) detailed above
27 Wins    =  $13,723;   Avg. Win   =   $508.26
11 Losses =  $10,362;   Avg. Loss   =   $942.00
Losing Sessions = 29%;  Winning Sessions = 71%
38 Session Avg. ($3,361 / 38)  =  $88.45 Win

Total 3 month Win after 69 sessions (after deducting Losses) = $12,640
Stats on all Sessions covering 3 months (June 13th to August 12th)
53 Wins   =  $27,255;    Avg. Win   =   $514.25
16 Losses = $14,615;    Avg. Loss   =   $913.44
Losing Sessions =  23%;  Winning Sessions = 77%
69 Session Avg. ($12,640 / 69) =  $183.19 Win

During the past 3 months you took home $12,640 of the casinos' money over the 69 craps playing sessions, but you only averaged a Win of $88.45 per session during the last 38 sessions.  In your first 31 sessions your Wins averaged about $300 a session. Why do you think your overall Win average was so much lower during the latest time period?

You'll notice that my Winning sessions were fairly identical during each period. I averaged $520.46 per win in the 26 earlier winning sessions and $508.26 for each of the 27 latest winning sessions. Also similar was the loss for each losing session, averaging $942 earlier and $913 more recently. However, I violated the Bdalt System's Money Management loss rule. I had so much previous success with the Bdalt System that I had become overconfident. You'll notice that 5 of the 11 losses ranged between $1,245 and $2,666.  The System calls for losses to not be greater than 10 times the maximum I have on the table at any one time.
In other words, no session loss should have ever been greater than $1,100.  Every dollar I exceeded the Bdalt Money Management Loss Limit had to be made up for by a dollar of Win. When I was losing, I was always hoping that the table would "turn around" and I could recoup my losses. In most cases, all that happened was the losses became larger.
Had I adhered to the proper loss limit of no more than $1,100 for those 5 losing sessions, the overall statistics would have looked like this:  

Latest Sessions (August 4th to September 12th) detailed above
27 Wins    =  $13,723;   Avg. Win   =   $508.26
11 Losses  =  $ 6,920;   Avg. Loss  =   $629.09
Losing Sessions = 29%;  Winning Sessions = 71%
38 Session Avg. ($6,803 / 38)  =  $179.03 Win

The overall $179.03 win average over the 38 sessions, is a lot better than the $88.45 average win I experienced. Also, had I quit during those losing sessions when I was earlier ahead by $300 or more, the overall total winning results would have been even greater.  Although I know better, I let emotions get in the way. In the future, I'm really going to try to adhere to the Bdalt System's loss limit and win goal. Also, what hurt my overall winning average for the latest time period was that I had 29% losing sessions and only 16% losing sessions during the earlier period.

Do you have any idea why your percentage of losing sessions increased an additional 13% (to 29%) during the last 38 sessions?

Yes.  Earlier, I was happy to leave a winner if I was up 30% or more of my Loss Limit (up $300 or more).  More recently I was looking for larger wins. Several times I  was up more than $300 and instead of quitting a Winner, I hung around too long and ended up having a losing session.

Even in spite of your mistakes, the Bdalt craps playing System over these last 3 months has given you a net win over the 69 sessions of $12,640.  Do you have any plans to take the System to a higher playing level?

Yes.  Since I'm now well capitalized with the casinos' money, I'll double the amount of odds I take (from $50 to $100) for the initial bets. Then after a win on one of the numbers I'll regress to $50 odds for the Pass Line and  2 Come bets with $50 odds on each (instead of the $25 odds I used on 4,6,8,&10 and $30 on 5&9).  So, my win goal will be $600 and my Loss Limit will be $2,000.

How would the Bdalt System be used for a smaller bankroll?

This past June I taught the Bdalt System to a friend who had never played craps before. The few times he had been to a casino was for the entertainment or meals. After learning the System, he said he was going to fund a Gaming Envelope with $500. If he lost the $500 that would be the end of his gambling. He is a successful business owner living in Gulfport, MS who got divorced about half a year ago. He intended to spend part of 3 evenings a week or so at a casino having dinner and playing at a $3.00 minimum table. He planned to have a session buy in of $200 and would play with $10 odds on a $3 Line bet and $10 odds on a
$3 Come bet. If one of the numbers hit, he would regress to $5 odds ($6 odds for a 5 or 9).  As the Bdalt Systems calls for, he would end up with 2 Come bets and 1 Line bet, with the lower odds.  At that point he would have half of the board numbers  covered.  His session loss limit was limited to his $200 buy in. Since his maximum one time exposure on the table was $26, the Bdalt System allows for a maximum loss of $260 (10 times the maximum amount of exposure to any one shooter). My friend; however, wanted to keep the reigns a bit tighter.  Following the Bdalt System, his session win goal was $75 (approximately 3 times the amount of his maximum exposure to any one shooter). Well, at the end of June, I went out to the Pacific Northwest to spend the summer.  My friend and I hadn't been in touch. I didn't return home until September 11th.  I hadn't seen him until he and I met for lunch yesterday (September 12th) at Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. I was happy to hear that from mid June he had built his gaming envelope up to over $2,200 using the Bdalt Craps Playing System. Unlike me, he hadn't kept a written record of each session. Like me, though he used some of his winnings the last couple of months to fund his personal cash expenses. So, his winnings are even greater than what he has in his Envelope. As an aside, we went to the craps table after our lunch. At the time it was a $3 minimum 10 times odds table. 45 minutes later we cashed out. After toking the dealers, I walked with an $800 net win and my friend with $150. It was great seeing him again and a fun way to spend part of an afternoon. 

Did Casino Magic buy the lunch for you and your friend?

Of course. Casino comps are an additional benefit. On my way up to the Northwest and on my return trip I spent 19 nights staying in casino hotels in Viksburg, MS, Laughlin, Las Vegas, Mesquite, and Reno, Nevada. I never paid for a room or suite. Nor did I pay for any meals or entertainment at the casinos I was playing at. And on top of it, I won money.

The $12,640 Wins.  The Comps.  The Bdalt Craps Playing System holding up over 69 playing sessions (in spite of your playing errors in violation of the System). It sounds too good to be true.

Yep, I agree. I've always been suspicious of something that sounds too good to be true. And of course, usually there is a cost associated with that something. I promise I have accurately reported each winning craps playing session, as well as each losing session. And it isn't fun reporting that my lack of discipline violated the System's Money Management on 5 different occasions during the last 38 playing sessions. It is embarrassing to list that on September 6th I lost $2,666 in one miserable session - well more than double what the loss should have been. Before attempting to use the Bdalt System, be sure to thoroughly understand the System and its Money Management. You don't even have to pay for the Bdalt System. Unlike other things that seem to
be too good to be true, the Bdalt System is free.