Situational Craps!
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At the core of this Philosophy is the learned ability by you, the player, to adjust to the "Situation" that the random throw of the dice will present as the game of craps unfolds. Any strategy that you select to use will be a winning strategy - Some of the Time! It is the "in-between" some of the time that influenced me to develop this "cross grain" Philosophy. Most competent authors of a particular "plug-in" strategy will warn you that their strategy will not work all the time. Their solution to this dilemma is a prescribed bankroll to push through the "in-between", or a prescribed number of hits before the bets are removed. The major problem with that solution is that you become a "Slave" to that strategy! 

It seems simple that if one strategy works in one situation ("right side"), and another strategy works in the opposite situation ("wrong side"), having the skill to work both strategies on the same table (not at the same time!) would give you the best chance to maintain your goal to win!           

Situational Craps is a Philosophy designed to raise the game of Craps to a higher level of play.  I want to
break the debilitating mindset of "Right" and "Wrong" players. I know that it is going to take time to be accepted in the craps community because I go cross grain to the established concepts of House Edge, Big Red, and the role of the Casino. But if you, and other players, are willing to study out- not just read -  what I have to say, I think that logic will prevail! The end result being that you will be Set Freebounce to enjoy the entire game of craps - HOT or COLD! You will be able to develop and take advantage of your instinctive "knowing" when a table changes.

Slavery to a "plug-in strategy" is easy. The Freedom to switch strategies as the Situation dictates has a price! The most costly price is the ability to let go of unsound beliefs, and develop the confidence that YOU are in control of your betting patterns!

You must understand that the emphases of Situational Craps is not on the "Plug-in" Strategies that I provide, or any "Plug-in" for that matter! Pay-4-It and Big Red are what I conceder the best  "Plug-in" Strategies when the right situation presents itself. The emphases is on your LEARNED ability to know how to read a table. This skill will take time to learn. However, If you have ever walked away from a Cold Table - Understand that you already possess this Ability - you just have to learn how to develop it! 

Programs like WinCraps will take a "plug-in" and run it through all the scenarios of random generated rolls. But the program can not think! You can! You will learn the concept of Table Awareness.

This will be similar to a great basketball player having Court Awareness. He has to adjust to the random (to him) situations as they unfold during the game. He has certain "Plug-in Strategies" that he has learned to apply to a certain Situation that he encounters. Learning the Basic Strategies is not what makes him a great player. red bulletCourt Awareness with the red bullet Ability to Switch his strategy is what makes him great!

Your success will not depend on any "Plug-in" - they all work in the right situation with proper money management. Your success will depend on your commitment to achieve the high level of red bulletTable Awareness! You will begin to learn this by concentrating on the exercises below. By mapping out 7-Cycles, you will understand that there is more to the game of Craps than Come-outs, Passes, and No Passes! This will be an in-depth study of trends. Most experts will agree that trends dominate the short time player. However, in the same breath they will explain why the long term odds are in your favor using their strategy. Sorry Expert, but you can not have it both ways! 

As you become involved in these specific exercises for the study of trends, you will be looking at the game of Craps through the filter of 7-Cycles. In time you will discover "Key Indicators" that more times than not, will point to a change over! I call this unexplained awareness The "Weather Man Effect".  Through this filter, you will understand that there truly is Order in the chaos of Randomness! 

Before you commit yourself to the lessons, Understand that:

Success is when Preparation Meets Opportunity!

I want to thank John for letting me post this important concept. We both are on the same page when it comes to how important it is to have the spread of Free Information on the web! Your only cost is the time you are willing to spend to be the "Best You can Be" !

For more information and lessons to understand the flow of trends go to Let me know what you think. Thanks,  Larry Freiwald  "AhCraps"!