Crap Quickies

The methods*  you'll find listed here are just simple plays that shooters have come up with.

1.    3 bet win progression using the Don't Pass and 2 Don't Comes
     Progress bets one unit on every 7-out when there has been a net win on that shooter.
     Betting stops on a net two losses per shooter and starts over again at the beginning level after the shooter 7's out.

2.    Bet the Pass line. If you win, parlay the next bet. If you lose, start a loss progression.

3.    Press 1 unit until each series shows a profit. Based on flat bet only - not odds.

4.    This system bets on Lay 4 after three 4's have shown without a 7 and utilizes a 20% win progression

5.    Bet No 4 when 10 is established as the point. Bet No 10 when 4 is established as the point. Double up to 3 times on losses.

6.    This progressive system bets the Pass Line and Field (Come-out roll only). If both bets lose, then the bet amount is doubled. If both bets win, the bet amount starts over.

7.    31 Progression System using the Pass Line
     Progression series is 1-1-1-2-2-4-4-8-8.
     For a win on any step in the series, press the amount and bet again.
     If a pressed amount wins then start the progression over.
     For a loss, go to the next higher step in the progression.

8.    3 Decision Delay and Parlay
     Wait for 3 winning Pass line decisions then bet Don't Pass.
     If bet wins then wait until another 3rd decision and Parlay the amount.
     If bet loses then wait until another 3rd decision and bet same amount.

9.    Hold all betting until 3 Sevens have appeared. Then a $5 Don't Pass bet is made.
     If it wins then betting continues.
     If it loses betting stops until another 3 Sevens appear.

10.    3-tier progression using Don't Pass
     If shooter makes 3 passes, then stop betting until shooter 7's out.
     Bet in 3 tiers of $10/$20/$30 , $30/$60/$90 , $90/$180/$270.

11.    4 level Don't Pass progression with 4 bets at each level.
     If shooter makes 4 passes, then stop betting until shooter 7's out and progress to next level.

12.    This is a 50% win progression system for the Pass Line
     Betting is delayed until the Shooter qualifies with a pass.
     Betting continues until the Shooter 7's out.
     After a win by making the point, the next bet is progressed up by 50% . After a win by a come-out 7/11, the next bet is parlayed w/ no odds.
     If a parlayed bet wins, the next bet returns to the pre-parlay level.
     If a bet lost to craps, start progression over.

13.    5 Count, qualified shooter system.
     This system delays betting until the shooter has rolled 5 qualifying rolls.
     To qualify, the 5 count must begin and end on a roll of 4,5,6,8,9,or 10. Counts 2 through 4 can be any number, however a 7-out stops the count and resets the system.

14.    Field bet progression: after 5 non-field rolls, bet the field.
     If the bet wins, then start progression over
     If the bet loses, wait another 5 non-Field rolls and increment bet amount.

15.    Place 6 / 8 bets and press 1 unit for each win.

16.    Place 6/8 double up loss progression.

17.    This is a progressive/regressive system for the Place 6 and 8 bets.
     Betting starts at 1 unit.
     Uses a 13-step win progression (in units): 1,1,2,2,3,4,6,8,10,10,15,15,20
     Uses a 2-step loss progression (in units): 2,5
     After 3 losses in a row, delay all betting for 25 rolls.

18.    This is a progressive system for the Place 6 and 8 bets.
     Uses a 5-level loss progression: 6, 12, 30, 90, 240.
     Place 6 & 8 are OFF on the come-out roll.
     Progress to next level on any loss.
     Start progression over on any win or if level 5 is lost.

19.    Regression system on Place 6 & 8 bets.
     Starts w/ $24 each and regresses $6 after each non-come out roll.
     Starts over when a 7-out is rolled.

20.    This short system wins on every roll if anything but a 7 appears.
     Bet $ 10 on Place 5.
     Bet $ 12 on Place 6.
     Bet $ 12 on Place 8.
     Call ON All Place bets.
     Bet $ 5 on Field.

21.    Bet Pass Line or Don't Pass depending on which won last.
     After any win progress up one unit.
     After any loss start over.

22.    This is an example of using a simple counting delay.
     In this example, the objective is to first wait until a point has been established, then count 3 more rolls and make a Don't Come bet.
     If the point is won or lost before 3 rolls are counted then no bet is made, then the counter is reset to zero, and the cycle starts over.

23.    Here's an example of taking different odds on different Come bets.
     Let's assume you're playing at a casino that offers at least 5x odds but you don't want to always take full odds.
     Instead you want 5x on 6/8 , 2x on 5/9 , and 1x on 4/10.

24.    A simple 3-point " Doey/Don't " type system.
     The idea is to make flat bets on both the "Do" and "Don't" sides and then either take or lay odds (but not both).

25.    A simple Don't Pass loss progression.
     Wait for the dice to pass twice, then bet $5 on Don't Pass.
     After any loss, double the last bet.
     After the 4th consecutive loss, stop betting
     When the shooter 7's-out or after any win - start over.
     Count passes to determine when to start betting.

26.    Bets $1 Hardways and parlays any wins 1 time.

27.    This system attempts to capitalize on repeat Place #'s.
     First - establish a point. Then each time a 5,6,8, or 9 is rolled, make Place bets on them.
     If one of them hits, take them all down and wait for a 7 out before starting over.

28.    Horn progression (actually uses 2,3,11,12 bets due to differing amounts).
     Waits for 10 consecutive non-Horn rolls before starting progression.

29    Variation of Hoyle's Press.
     Basic idea is to win one unit on the Don't Pass.
     For each loss, keep bet the same as the last.
     For each win, make the same bet again + 1 unit - not to exceed loss +1.

30.    Place 5,6,8,9 Inside Regression.
     Whenever shooter establishes a point, bet $66 total on inside place numbers.
     After 1st win, regress to $22 inside.
     After 2nd win, take all Place bets down.

31.    The Labouchere is a cross-out system which begins with a list containing an arbitrary sequence of numbers such as 1,2,3,4.
     The next bet is determined by adding the first and last numbers in the list.
     When the bet wins, the first and last numbers are crossed-out.
     When the bet loses, the lost amount is added to the end of the list.

32.    Pass Line and 2 to 3 Come bets.
     Bets are increased 1 unit for every 2 wins with counts taken separately.
     Come 6 and 8 odds work on the come-out roll.

33.    This system waits for a point to be established then lays the point, bets the eleven, and bets the Don't Come.
     After the Don't Come bet becomes established on a point the lay bet is taken down.

34.    A simple loss progression.
     Bet one unit to start or after any win.
     After any loss, increase the last bet by one unit.


* Legal Crap