Place bets versus Come bets

For the first few years of playing craps, I was a come bettor. As I learned more about the game and how the payouts worked, I realized that the place bet was the far better bet. In the tables below, I'll show you how this is so.

These tables show how much you'd win on each number for both types of bets.

$5 come bet with $10 odds. $15 action.
. $5 come bet pays $10 odds bet pays total win of
4 and 10 even money-$5 2 to 1-$20 $25
5 and 9 even money-$5 3 to 2-$15 $20
6 and 8 even money-$5 6 to 5-$12 $17


$15 place bets-$18 on 6 or 8
4 and 10 9 to 5 win-$27
5 and 9 7 to 5 win-$21
6 and 8 7 to 6 win-$21

Although the place bets pay only slightly higher than the come bets, you have to remember that a come bet number has to be thrown twice in order to win. The first time to establish the come point and a second time to win.

The tables below show the difference between the two types of bets.

Come bets versus Place bets. 1st # thrown 2nd # thrown Total after 2nd # thrown
Come 4 and 10 risk $15 $0 win $25 win $25
Place 4and 10 risk $15 $27 win $27 win $54
Come 5 and 9 risk $15 $0 win $20 win $20
Place 5 and 9 risk $15 $21 win $21 win $42
Come 6 and 8 risk $15 $0 win $17 win $17
Place 6 and 8 risk $18 $21 win $21 win $42

     Your profit is greatly increased after you win your second place bet.
     For example. You have $15 in your rack. You make a $5 come bet, the dice are rolled and a four is thrown. This becomes your come point. You make a $10 odds bet and the next roll of the dice is another four. You win your come bet, get paid $25 and your come bet of $15 is returned to you. You now have $40 in your rack, a $25 profit.
     If you made a $15 place bet on the four and that number was thrown twice, you would win $54 and still have a $15 place bet working on the four. If a seven is thrown, you would have $54 in your rack, a profit of $39. 
     $14 more profit by betting the place bet instead of the come bet.

     There are other advantages to betting place instead of come.
     Come bets are always working. If a seven shows on the come out roll, you would lose your flat come bets and have the come odds bets returned to you. The come odds bets are not working on the come out unless you tell the dealer that they are, in which case you would lose on a seven. Now you have to reestablish all of your come bets. By that time the shooter could seven out before your numbers start to repeat.
     Unless you say otherwise, your place bets are off on the come out roll. Any seven showing now will not effect your place bets.
     Place bets can be taken down or called off at anytime. Only the come odds bet can be taken down or called off.
     You can increase or decrease your place bets at anytime. You can't do that to an established come bet and if you wanted to make a larger come bet, you would still have to have that number thrown twice in order to win.

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