Not for me crap systems

Below are various styles of play that I personally, am not comfortable with.
In this case "not for me" means a high level of risk. There is no sure bet in gambling.
All of my comments and ratings are just my personnel opinion. You can bet any way you want.
If you'd like to add or comment on any of them, please e-mail me at

1. 6 and 8 progressive

     When you win a bet you press it. You have to win each bet at least 3 times before you show a profit. If you keep pressing your bet, you will have a lot of money on the table and be too exposed to a 7.
     The only way you can make any money betting like this is on that rare hot table or if you are lucky and call off your bets just before a 7 is thrown.
     Very high risk. An early 7 is a killer.
     Good for a hot table.

2. 44 inside, no 4 & 10

     You place the 5 and 9 for $10 each, 6 and 8 for $12 each ( $44 inside ) and lay $40 each on the 4 and 10. After any hit on an inside number you take down the 5 and 9. Now if a 7 shows you win.
     If the dice don't land your way you can get killed betting like this. A 4 or 10 showing before a 7 negates any real chance of making money.
     For example: You go ahead and make this bet. The shooter throws a 4, 6, 10 and then a 7. Goodbye bucks!
     What you are hoping for are a lot of 6 and 8's coming up, without a 4 or 10,  before a 7 or a point is made with a 7 thrown on the come-out roll.
     Very high risk. You are laying out too much money for a small return.
     Good for a choppy table.

Legal Crap