DC 7
Place 1 unit on the Pass line and 1 on the Don't 
After the point is established  Make a don't come bet  of 1 unit
Also lay odds on your Don't pass bet.   so if the next role is a seven your odds bet will cover the bet you have in the don't come box once you  your don't come bet makes it out of the box pick up your odds on the don't pass.  With this  you are taking the sting of the 7 away on the come out roll and while you have a don't come bet.  You would like to keep 1 don't come bet out at all times.  You should get enough craps to off set the 11's on your don't come bet and also the 12 on the pass line that will make you lose a unit.  No more than 3 bets per shooter.  Can flat bet or use something like 1-2-4.  other notes to cover your don't come bet  and the point is a 4 or 10 then you need to lay odds of 2 units  5 and 9 pays 2 to 3 So to win one unit at a 5 dollar table bet 9 dollars, the 6 and 8 lay 6 to win 5.  Remember you only lay odds to get your money out of the DC box then Pick it up.  Once the money is out of the DC Box the odds favor you.  Works slow but does work