Come Bet Step Up

    I always start on the do side and when I play at the Casino. I break up the bankroll into 3 plays. $1,500 as $500 buy in etc.
    First  on come out and 2 come bets if 6 or 8 not covered  place min. 5 units on each.
    When # hits back on come with increase of 2 or more units as 10-25-50-75 and stop if all bets win and go to 1 level up to 25-50-75-125.
    As you well know you have face the unmentionable 7 and when you have a run of 3 -4or 5 hits you must lockup and protect your winnings.
    When you find that you pass 2 levels, then you can play aggressively by playing the come on every roll and always taking the free odds.
    All prop bets are off-limits and the end game begins stopping all come bets and collecting as they are hit. Sometimes if only the point remains place bets on inside 5-6-8=9 can freeze if point hits and 7 pops up on come-out.  I rarely play the don't side except if the play is cold and the deal is there is not much money to made on the don't side.

    Given the advantage of betting true odds I just neglected to mention that odds must be taken on every number. The cold strategy is to go the don't and make 2 don't bets after establishing point. If 2 hits are made on the don't , read losses start making come bets and start yelling with the gang, numeros numeros  etc and mumble to yourself "Lady luck don't be a bitch today!" Best of luck at the tables. As always, if your bones tell it ain't there tonight and  your bankroll shrinks, take a walk and live for another day.

Tony T